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Insurance & Savings with AMH Insurance Brokerage.

By: Adam Huzien

Founder / Senior Insurance Broker

AMH Insurance Brokerage

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Statistics clearly show most American are over paying on there insurance in the billions. This is a number AMH Insurance Brokerage is determined to improve, and return those billions back to the consumer.

As an Insurance Broker, we represent clients, with the goal of getting them multiple insurance quotes from different vendors and getting the best coverage for the best price.

With the ability to get quote from the most well known insurance companies in the business, this provides the client the opportunity, to get a great sense of the overall differences in price, coverage options and deductible associated with there insurance policy request.

Check out our frequently asked questions & answers :

What makes us different?

First we have your best interests in mind. Not the insurance companies'. This is exemplified with us being brokers instead of agents.

Will working with an Insurance Broker cost me more than going to direct to the carrier?

Answer: Absolutely Not, it is the same price regardless. Remember, the insurance broker does not set the prices for Insurance Quotes , only the carriers do! The benefit of buying through a insurance broker, is that you get access to a more personalized approach of servicing your policy, and gives you that extra avenue to reach out to your insurance broker to make any changes or answer any of your questions.

What are the Pros of Working with an Insurance Broker?

Answer: Gives you access to a number of carriers that are only offered through independent insurance agents / insurance brokers as well as access to insurance carriers that are offered through agents. Another major benefit is you are getting the advice of an insurance professional that sees multiple quotes a day for each type of insurance risk. This is a great advantage because they have an understanding of the overall insurance market prices & options.

What states does AMH Insurance Brokerage offer Insurance Quotes?

Answer: Currently AMH Insurance Brokerage, can work with you on any of your insurance needs in the following states : New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania & Florida.

How do I start the process of getting a free insurance quote ?

Please feel free to contact AMH Insurance Brokerage in the following ways to begin the process.

1.) Phone/ Text : 201-359-6555

3.) Email :


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