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The insurance industry has been around for hundreds of years with very little if any innovation. After spending some time with the founder of AMH Insurance Brokerage, Adam Huzien; I knew all was about to change in the Insurance industry. With AMH's patented technology of getting the consumer quotes from over 200+ insurance carriers and with one 10 min application he can insure that his clients are getting the best prices on the market.

"The Insurance Industry is in dire need of innovation to keep up with the current times and fast pacing technological innovation that is happening so rapidly"- Adam Huzien

His plan is to combine an old industry and modernize it to the needs of the modern insurance client, because he passionately believes in providing clients with the best prices, while using the most reputable companies that are all rated A++.

"People are busy as ever, and its important for the insurance industry to meet client demands, and make the purchasing process, as effective and efficient as possible"

AMH Insurance Brokerage, based out of New York / New Jersey, covers all 50 states. They offer insurance, that ranges from Home and Auto, Life, Disability, and Commercial Insurance. AMH also offers Corporate benefits to companies of all sizes such as groups from 2-25,000 employess. There benefits are exclusive packages that focus on providing Health insurance and other employee benefits, while sustaining a companies corporate budgets', utilizing its process in handling the most for less, using some of the best known companies in the market such as Horizon, Aetna, and Cigna.

If you are looking for a professional down to earth firm that is not going to use high pressure sales tactics and actually cares about lowering the cost of premiums for its clients, AMH INSURANCE BROKERAGE should be your first destination.

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