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Life Insurance 

 In regards to Life Insurance , we help our clients shop around to multiple carriers to ensure they get the maximum benefit for the cheapest rate. AMH Insurance Brokerage, is happy to help you protect you and your family's financial future. Our goal is to educate you on different life insurance options, compare rates , and get you the best options that meets your budget and goals.   



What is Life Insurance? 


Life insurance provides a tax-free lump sum of money to replace lost income after your death, offering affordable financial protection and invaluable peace of mind to people whose friends or family rely on them. Protect the ones who depend on you financially today ! 


Choose the best life insurance policy based on how many years you want your policy to last (the term) and the coverage amount that you want to be paid out if you die (the death benefit). 


There are many different types of Life Insurance policies such as the Following;


Term Life insurance

Where you can select a specific number of years for your coverage, for example ; 5-Year Term, 10-Year Term, 15-Year Term, 20- Year Term, and 30 Year Term. 

This usually the best option for people looking for the most dollar amount of coverage for the lowest price.


Universal Life Insurance

Is a blend of Term Insurance and permanent insurance. This gives the client the ability of having permanent insurance, while still benefiting with larger face amounts of coverage. 


Whole Life Insurance

Considered permanent insurance, this option allows you to have a insurance policy and also build up cash value for the long term, usually with a steady premium. 


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Get the best Life Insurance with the cheapest rates for insurance in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, & Florida.  Don't hesitate to call an AMH Insurance broker, today to learn more & Get a Free Quote !

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