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Credit Card Processing

Credit Card

Credit Card Processing

The ability of businesses to accept credit and debit card payments is almost a necessity, and this requires a credit card processing company. These companies allow your business to accept card payments by acting as an intermediary between your business and your customers’ credit card companies.

Finding the best processing solution for your business means considering costs as well as features such as security, sales volume, how you sell your goods and services, customer support, and third-party integrations. To help you find the best credit card processor for your business.

AMH Insurance Brokerage , has partnerships with various Credit Card Processing companies. To ensure our clients always are getting the most for less. This helps us offer our business clients the right solutions for their business needs and Credit Card processing in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania. 

did you know?


  •  you can save your business money by shopping around credit card processors

  • Not all credit card processing fee are the same 


  • if you have a website you can start accepting payments online

  • Different vendors charge different prices based on the type of business and types of cards accepted

  • if your business does a lot of volume, ask for more competitive pricing and lower fees 


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Frequently asked questions about our credit card processing division.

We do not charge an additional rate, we get paid from our preferred vendors

You get to take advantage of our experience, that sees hundreds of different businesses a year ! 

We have the expertise to connect you with the right partner for your business. 

Its Free to get quoted ! 

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