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Builders Risk


Builders Risk Insurance


Are you renovating your home? or Doing a 203K Loan to remodel your home? 

It is imperative to get the right insurance in place to make sure your are properly covered in case of a loss.

Builders Risk Insurance also known as construction insurance , it protects your home while it is under renovation and construction. Proudly providing quotes and comparing multiple options for clients in New Jersey , New York, and Pennsylvania. 

Who Needs a Builders Risk Policy?

  • Homeowners & Property Owners

  • Builders

  • Contractors

  • Flipping a home 

  • Investors 

  • Ground Up Construction

  • Exterior

  • Interior Renovation

  • Replacing a Roof

What Does Builders Risk Insurance Protect?

 A builders risk insurance policy can be customized to the size of the project and specifically the type of work being done. Some specific general examples on what is covered under this type of insurance policy is as follows:

  • The structure/ building that is being worked on

  • Theft or loss of Building Materials 

  • Premises Liability Coverage

  • Loss of Rental Income 

We understand not all projects are the same. Whether you are doing minor construction, renovation or complete ground up construction. AMH Insurance Brokerage, can help! 

With extensive experience in all sized projects, we can help you get the right insurance quote for your project. 

Have confidence in knowing that you have the best builders risk insurance for that specific project. 

Let protect your biggest asset together. 

Best Builders Risk Insurance prices and coverage options for insurance in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, & Florida.  Don't hesitate to call an AMH Insurance broker a top rated home and auto insurance companies today to learn more & Get a Free Quote!  

Did You Know? 

  • A Builders Risk Insurance can be used for both residential and commercial projects. 

  • Banks can require you to carry or provide Builders risk coverage

  • If doing a project of any size, you should inform your regular home insurance carrier. They may just let you know that a builders risk is necessary to be covered!

  • Builders Risk Insurance can be purchased for the lenth of the project. Such as terms of 3 months , 6 months , &12 months

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what type of losses are covered under builders risk insurance ?

  • Fire 

  • Theft

  • Liability

  • Physical damage

  • Loss due to weather 

  • Lightning 

Under most circumstances the above losses are usually covered under most builders risk policies. 

It is important to review all coverage, and feel free to ask your agent / broker on specifics. 

Why would some banks require Builders risk Insurance Coverage? 

Simply because they realize that the right coverage is needed for the right situation and they want to make sure when they lend you money that there risk is limited in case of a loss. 

When would banks require builders risk insurance? 

  • Usually when doing a 203k Loan

  • hard money for a project that involves contruction or renovation 

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