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Finding a new home can be difficult....Insuring it doesn’t have to be

By : Adam Huzien - Founder/ Senior Insurance Broker, AMH Insurance Brokerage

As the housing market continues to heat up, due to demand, low interest rates , and inflation. It has been difficult for people to find and purchase homes, with such a competitive market. So after an exhausting search ends with success , and your Able to overcome the bidding war , most homebuyers are facing in today’s market. The process of insuring that place you call home , should be done with absolute care. It is highly advised by many professionals, that a trusted insurance broker who’s unbiased approach, and knowledge on a wide range of insurance options , is where homebuyers should lean on to make the right decision.

The clear benefits of working with an Insurance Broker, is simple:

1.) one application, save time and money.

2.)Access to an expert who deals with multiple insurance companies daily , and sees hundreds of policies a year.

3.) Comparison & Explanation of the different insurance companies , and coverage types.

Staying in touch with the original premise that using an insurance broker , is highly beneficial, to a homeowner. It is also important to mention, there is nothing better than picking the right insurance broker.

Which is why AMH Insurance brokerage, would like to make its case known , that as a company and insurance broker we pride ourselves at striving to be the best. Our highly experienced group of insurance providers and experts , are passionate about providing our opinion on the best available options to our clients. We explain the options , one by one and line by line. This gives the client , an opportunity to understand in detail what everything means on the insurance quotes provided. This also gives the client an opportunity to ask any question, or request any specific changes to the quotes. At AMH Insurance , we have found this to be a home run , with many homeowners.

Through feedback from our clients the general sentiment is that they are grateful because in most cases they were unaware of the different options and most insurance professionals don’t take the time to educate clients on what they are purchasing in that much detail.

The key takeaway, we hope readers get, is that AMH Insurance Brokerage, really is a client focused organization, and our goal is to stand out by exceptional service to clients and giving them options that in most cases gives them more coverage and a better price than the competition. Did we mention our insurance quotes are free?!


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