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New Jersey Business Insurance Broker, Helping during COVID-19...


Adam Huzien

Founder/Senior Insurance Broker

COVID-19 has caused many businesses in New Jersey , New York and Pennsylvania, to either shut down or look for places to cut expenses. There are businesses that have been around for multiple generations that have had no choice but to shut down.

This is unfortunately, the grim reality small business owners are facing due to the current landscape and uncertainty. Where consumers, are plagued with fear, lack of stability, and an over looming virus that has changed the way we all live. As the life blood of the US economy, small business, is suffering what some may say is the most difficult economic depression in its history. Even more difficult than the Great Depression. Hence, the need for communities to rally together to support there local small businesses. There is also a need for businesses to support other businesses. At AMH Insurance Brokerage, this has been our goal, since the beginning of the pandemic. We decided the way we can truly help, was to commit to using local vendors for our business purchases, donate and to reach out to our network to see who we could help save them money on there insurance. With great pleasure, we were pleased to save the average small businesses an average of $2,500 Per policy. A medium sized business that, AMH Insurance brokerage, was able to save them $48,000 per year! Its amazing what can be accomplished by making a goal and go after it. This in turn helped the owner to continue to pay staff and pay for expenses. Especially , in the middle of the lockdown.

Examples of the small business sectors we helped in New Jersey & New York, were from white collar to blue collar.

Financial, Real estate , Doctor offices , Accountants, Plumbers , Construction, Restaurants, Barber shops and Convenient stores. Also let’s not forget about non profit entities such as religious and places of worship.

In conclusion, our thoughts can become a reality. Have goals, take initiative and take action. I encourage everyone to believe you can make a difference. We all bring unique skills and an expertise to the table. At the end of the day it is our duty to bring them out. You never know how many people you can positively effect. By buying an item from a local business , donating or bringing your professional experience to the table. At the end of the day; if you do any or all of those you are supporting your local community. Visit our website to get a fast free quote, and save time and money on your insurance needs. Proudly Serving the New Jersey , New York, and Pennsylvania area.


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