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Some Homeowners Insurance Companies, ALLOW UP TO 4 FAMILY HOMES UNDER PERSONAL LINES



If you are a multifamily homeowner, investor, realtor or loan officer, this article is intended for your benefit. If you are looking so save money on your multifamily home then look no further. ,AMH Insurance Brokerage, is a top rated homeowners insurance brokerage. We have access some of the most reputable insurance carriers & with great pleasure they are offered through AMH Insurance Brokerage in New Jersey, New York & Pennsylvania.

What does this have to do with being a multifamily homeowner, investor, realtor or loan officer?

Simply put knowledge is power. underwriting guidelines allow up to 4 family homes to be written on personal lines paper. Which simply means that you can have an insurance policy based on residential as opposed to commercial paper. In many cases that means its going to be significantly cheaper, saving the client hundreds, in some case thousands a year. So in essence, this can help an investors bottom line, a realtor improve there ROI calculations and a Loan officers' debt to equity ratios.

How good are the companies ?

Well for one the insurance carrier, which provides this exception are rated by A.M's Best as A++, which is the highest available rating. A.M's Best, is the independent rating body for insurance companies, in terms of how financially strong they are, there ability to pay claims, etc. They are backed by one of the most respected individuals and investors of all time.

How Can I get a quote for Homeowners Insurance ?

One of the options is simply by reaching out to AMH Insurance Brokerage Inc. Where they can quote and bind coverage for you, if you are interested in a Homeowners Insurance policy. Follow the link below, to AMH Insurance Brokerage's website. Fill out the contact form and an Insurance Broker will reach out to you and begin the process of going over essential insurance coverages and options available for your home !


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