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Car insurance quotes made simple...

Serving the New Jersey, New York & Pennsylvania area.

As rates keep rising it is great to have an insurance broker , who is an expert in helping you save money on your insurance

needs today, by assessing multiple carriers rates for you.

Simply Submit a Contact form and begin the easy process. A car insurance broker works on your behalf to get you the best insurance deals. Similar to captive agents, auto insurance brokers will tell you about different deals and discounts you could be eligible for. But instead of working for a specific carrier, insurance brokers are more like independent contractors who spend their time looking for the best deals without any allegiance to a particular insurance company. They will also negotiate with carriers to get you a lower price, hence the “broker” in their title. They look out for your best interests, as opposed to those of any specific carriers.

Many people find insurance brokers to be an attractive option because they do all the legwork of finding and comparing multiple insurance quotes.

Whether your driving an SUV, Van, Sedan, luxury, or sports car, we are here to serve your insurance needs.

Best Car Insurance rates and coverage options for insurance in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, & Florida. Do not hesitate to call an AMH Insurance broker, today to learn more & Get a Free Quote, or visit the website to take advantage of savings.

Can I package my homeowners and auto together?

Yes, of course however, it may not be the most optimal way of saving money. A huge misconception is that by bundling the two you get the best rate. where in fact, the savings are usually by separating the two types of insurance policies with different insurance companies.

However, we do the analysis based on both options.

Visit our website to get a free quote and comparative analysis on your home and auto insurance today.

Auto Insurance Companies we work with:

  • NJ Skyland's

  • All State Insurance Company

  • Progressive Insurance Company

  • Plymouth Rock Insurance Company

  • MetLife Auto Insurance Company

  • Adirondack Insurance (NY)

  • Safeco(NY) ,

  • Mercury auto Insurance Company

  • Bristol West

  • Progressive

  • and many more!


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