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NJ Insurance Broker, Here to give you his version of a STIMULUS.

Whether you are getting money directly from Uncle Sam, through a stimulus check. Adding more green backs to your wallet is always a win win. The question is how can an insurance broker give you his version of a stimulus?

Well that really is the simple part. With the sole purpose of matching your current coverage, to other insurance carriers, and yes saving the client time and money on there Insurance needs. AMH Insurance Brokerage, which is based out of Northern New Jersey, but serves the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania insurance markets.

"Simply because we have access to a large variety of insurance carriers, then there is a high probability that money goes back in to the consumers pocket". - Adam Huzien -FOUNDER

We are able to successfully save a lot of people a lot of money in this pandemic. Especially as people have felt the pressure, with increasing prices of gasoline and food.

"Our goal has always been the client. We hope to do such a great job, and give the clients transparency , education and savings. " - Adam Huzien

A frequently asked question is, how much do our services cost? the answer is ZERO. AMH Insurance Brokerage, actually provides free quotes, and if the options are right for the consumer then, the insurance carrier pays the brokerage directly as if we are on of there agents.

The benefit is clear, NO COST, NO OBLIGATION Quotes, and NO FEES.

AMH Insurance Brokerage, really is a resource for people to take advantage of. Regardless of the your insurance product. Its a place where consumers can go to free of charge, talk with an insurance expert, ask questions, learn and also get some quotes. This allows consumers, to know they aren't over paying with there current insurance carriers.

Please visit our website and contact us! We will be happy to answer your questions, and also please use the information on the website as a resource.


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