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Home Insurance

home insurance

Homeowners Insurance

      Protecting your most valuable assets can be a daunting task. 


Rest assured, AMH Insurance Brokerage, is here to save you time and money on your home insurance. 


By shopping around to 200 carriers , we make the process as friction less as possible for the client.


We get the different rates and go over the coverage for you. We take pride in helping our clients obtain , understand and purchase the different options that are available in the market. 

Best rates and coverage options for insurance in

New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, & Florida. 

Whether you are buying the home to live in, renovate or rent out, don't hesitate to call an AMH Insurance broker, today to learn more & Get a Free Quote!


Best Home Insurance prices and coverage options for in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, & Florida.  Don't hesitate to call an AMH Insurance broker, today to learn more & Get a Free Quote!


Contact AMH Insurance Brokerage is a top rated home and auto insurance Brokerage.  


Finding the right insurance company for you can be overwhelming. We’re here to provide you with the practical tools and insights you need to make an informed comparison between homeowners insurance companies and quotes.

Why do I need homeowners insurance?   

  • It protects one of your largest assets

  • Most Mortgage companies / lenders , require valid homeowners insurance also referred to as hazard insurance

  • It protects against accidental physical damage to the structure & Liability

What does homeowners insurance cover?

1.Physical damage

Most policies cover damage to your house and any permanent structures on your property for:

  • Fire

  • Wind

  • Hail

  • Water damage (unless excluded by your policy)

2. Personal Property

Protects belongings that were damaged or stolen such as:

  • Furniture

  • Appliances

  • Clothing

  • Dishes (in some cases)

3. Personal Liability

Could help with medical expenses or property damage to others caused by you or members of your household, including pets. Personal liability could also help with legal expenses in the case of a law suit.


We are To Help!

House in blue

Coverage Breakdown

of every Homeowners Insurance

Coverage A:

Property Coverage 

        Is the first part of a homeowners insurance coverage. Also it is essential that this coverage is based on the replacement cost valuation method. This coverage part protects the main structure of the home,  or dwelling. 

Coverage B:

Other Structures

         In a homeowners insurance policy pays to repair or replace  detached structures, which are located on your     property and not connected to your home or the main structure, if they are damaged or destroyed by a covered peril. Commonly the amount is 10% of coverage A. 


Coverage C:

Personal Property

The most common perils that damage or destroy personal belongings are vandalism, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes and hail storms.

Or more simply it covers  your personal belongings.

Personal property is the stuff you own:

For example:  furniture, electronics and clothing,

 This type of coverage helps pay to repair or replace your belongings after a covered loss, such as theft or fire, a home insurance policy.

Coverage D:

Loss Of Use

    Within a homeowners policy, is essential coverage to review. And many people tend to skim right past it! 

This coverage part, protects the insured when his home gets damaged to due to a peril, and for whatever reason the house is not livable until it is repaired. This coverage, covers the insureds temporary living and food expenses in that time frame.

Coverage E:

Personal Liability Coverage

 his is essential to mitigate the homeowner's risk of claim arising in lawsuit. If a claim is made or a suit is brought against an insured because of bodily injury or property damage arising from covered occurrence. 

Coverage F:

Medical Payments to others

Helps pay small medical expenses when a guest has sustained minor injuries while on the insureds property. 

What to Look for When Getting  Homeowners Insurance

  • You’ll want to buy homeowners insurance from a stable company with enough money to pay claims. Financial strength is one way to evaluate whether an insurer meets that standard. You can check financial strength through a rating firm such as A.M. Best.

  • We recommend considering home insurers with ratings of A- or higher.

  • Shop around and compare several insurance quotes. Remember not all homeowners insurance quotes are created equal. Get at least three homeowners insurance quotes before making a decision.

  • Important to compare and look at the coverage amounts and deductibles in your home insurance quotes. 

  • Don't forget to ask about the additional endorsement built in to your home insurance policy.


How to get the cheapest Home Insurance Quotes ?

  1. Provide a copy of your active alarm certificate, and ask for discounts available

  2. Use an insurance broker, who is experienced in working with multiple insurance carriers

  3. Review options from at least three different home insurance carriers. 


Customer satisfaction is our #1 Priority 

Contact us for a Free Homeowners Insurance Quote!

Here's how to get the best homeowners insurance quote:

Start with a quick application

No two homes are alike & neither are homeowners insurance quotes. You and your insurance broker will work together to design a home insurance policy that fits your specific home.

Provide basic contact information and zip code to begin.

Then an insurance broker will contact you. To complete the application. 

Review Your options .

We help make the process quick and easy, so you can start protecting your home as soon as possible. The insurance broker will go over your home insurance quote options. Usually providing more than one insurance carrier/ option. 

He will review each quote line by line and answer any questions you may have.  

Stay protected.

As your life changes, so do your home insurance needs. An Agent/ homeowners Insurance Broker will work with you to help make sure what you love is covered. 

How can a Insurance Broker can help protect your home?

They work to understand your unique needs so they can help you get the coverage that fits your life and home. Specifically, An Insurance Broker can:

  • Explain your home insurance coverage options

  • Compare Quotes from multiple Insurance Companies

  • Make sure you are not overpaying with your current insurance carrier. 

  • Find discounts to save on your home insurance premium

  • Help you understand the home claims process

  • Help protect your family's future with life insurance which can help you pay off your mortgage.

Home Insurance NY, NJ, PA

Did you Know there are multiple deductible(s) built in a home insurance policy?

The main deductibles to review when you are comparing homeowners insurance policies are

the following:

                  1.) All Perils Deductible

                  2.) Hurricane Deductible 

                  3.) Windstorm/ Hail Deductible 

Why its important to ask about the three deductibles above?

For one the deductible is the what the insured would have to pay in case a loss occurs and a claim is made. 

For example ; if your all perils deductible is a 

thousand dollars in policy 1. However, within policy 1 you can have a hurricane deductible of $12,000 as well. 

Which means if you were to have such an outrageous hurricane deductible, you would be responsible to pay

that amount before you get any benefit from the insurance carrier! 


We recommend always going with the lower deductible options, because usually there is no need to take such risk. With whoever we speak to , we find it essential to educate people about this very thing, whether they purchasing there homeowners insurance through us or not! 

Doing the right thing is always Priceless! 

& Sharing knowledge is creating value.  

We explain every detail because they matter!

So you fully understand what a homeowners insurance policy covers like the experts do. 


AMH Insurance Brokerage,Inc. 

Proudly  getting the best homeowners insurance quotes in New Jersey, New York , Pennsylvania!

We Are Here to Connect and Answer your questions ! 

If you have any questions regarding homeowners insurance or would like us to review your  insurance policy, feel free to contact us and we are happy to help you; review and provide free

home insurance quotes from multiple companies.  

"We believe the client should have the best homeowners insurance quotes and carriers

in New Jersey (NJ),New York (NY) & Pennsylvania (PA).

in one place.

Provide great service, the ability to customize/ compare multiple insurance quotes from one insurance broker and most importantly be a resource and a wealth of knowledge to the client."  -


Adam Huzien, Founder/Senior insurance Broker

AMH Insurance Brokerage, Inc. 

The Best Insurance Broker in NJ -NY- PA



Did you Know? 

  •  According to the national average that 85% of homeowners have coverage.

  • Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority  

  •  New Jersey is actually the 14th cheapest state for home insurance policies. 

  • The average premium in New Jersey is actually estimated around $600

  • AMH Insurance Brokerage, has approximately a 90 percent chance to lower your insurance rates

  • You probably will save money by not bundling your home and auto insurance, instead check rates separately. Quote your car insurance with a separate insurance company and thank us later. 

  • Providing an active alarm certificate can lower your premium

  • If you plan on renovating your home, you will need a builders risk insurance policy, and you must notify your current provider.

  • The factors can affect your premium

  1. Credit Score

  2. Zip Code 

  3. Insurance Credit

  4. Coverage Limits 

  5. Deductible

  6. Your home's square footage

  7. Building costs in your area, and your own home's construction, materials and features

  8. Local crime rates

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